Back in 2011, Tom was a Marketing Program Manager for Keithley Instruments. He was looking for feedback and direction on running a cold call program in both Europe (Germany), and in North America (USA/Canada) in which the main goal would be gaining new ground in finding customers for specialized electronic test and measurement equipment in the semiconductor industry.

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“We’re burning 35 calories just by shaking hands. This relationship is off to an excellent start.”

Tom hears about PLG, and decides to investigate their services.  After having a simple, but in-depth conversation with PLG, and completing a customized campaign questionnaire, it was obvious that Tom was in it for the long haul.  He signed up for a 2 year campaign for Outbound Prospecting Services. 

During that time, the following results were achieved:

RECORDS: 36,000
TOUCH RATE (min 3 dials each record): 100-120%
REACH RATE (percentage of completed dialogues): 27-45%
QUALIFIED LEAD CONVERSION (strict definitions of MQL/SQL): 7%

The ongoing campaign was so successful, in fact, that PLG was asked to continue after the contract ended to work on some experimental and customized campaigns before Keithley Instruments was acquired by Danaher Corp.



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“Numbers don’t lie. That’s where we come in.”

“Thank you for all of your past direction and input. We learned a great deal from our partnership and appreciate your willingness to share best practices and inform the demand generation side of our business.

I will reach out to Ron G. who is now at P.H. in case they could benefit from your services. I know from talking with him previously that he had the highest regard for PLG’s capabilities.

We were very impressed by your agent’s handling of the call – a real professional. Kudos to PLG.

Give my best to Mylene and the others at PLG.”



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