Way back in 2005, Suzanne was the Telemarketing Manager for Tektronix.  She was looking for a company who could provoke some interest by phone in electrical test and measurement equipment, mainly used by engineers and technicians in the United States.  She ultimately decided to hire a small, boutique company from Canada, who had the ability to customize their calls and train their agents to be well-versed in a multitude of complex technical instruments ranging from oscilloscopes, to optical modulation analyzers.

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PLG ran programs, month-to-month, with Tektronix for over a decade.  The earlier campaigns focused on outbound prospecting/cold calling.  Once Tek began improving their website and started using digital tools to gain prospects, PLG customized their campaigns to include lead nurturing.  

Not only was PLG well-versed in the technology, but trained their agents to understand and speak the lingo about domain, application, range of measurement, standards…  They would have interactive dialogues with prospects, ranging from engineers to C-level executives, in various market sectors including government, defense, military, corporate, aerospace, education, and healthcare.

Even though Tektronix began allocating more resources towards digital leads, this did not stop them from seeing the ultimate value in what PLG was providing:  Tek could not argue with actual ROI, and the quality of the leads they were receiving.

The following results were achieved during our 10-year contract with Tek:

RECORDS:  278,230
TOUCH RATE (min 3 dials per record):  100%
REACH RATE (percentage of completed dialogues):  24-48%
QUALIFIED LEAD CONVERSION (strict definitions of MQL/SQL):  6-10%

‘Til this day, Tektronix continues a relationship with PLG who is thrilled to be still running campaigns on their behalf.

“It’s nice to hear from you, but certainly bittersweet as I read that we’re wrapping up after a full decade of working together. But you never know what the future might bring, right?

Following is my recommendation. Please feel free to also have any prospective customers call me for an in-person reference, too.

To whom it may concern:

Tektronix used Power Lead Generation’s Lead Generation services. They helped build the top of our sales funnel by providing MQLs through high-volume cold calling. Additionally, on occasion we asked PLG to help us with Lead Nurturing by calling customers and prospects who had expressed an interest in the past in an effort to revitalize that relationship and identify additional opportunities for our test and measurement instruments.

As a boutique agency, PLG is unique in that they take the time to learn and understand Tektronix’ business. Our products are highly technical and we counted on PLG to keep up-to-date on the technology and the markets we serve. They took the extra time and invested in training their agents. Additionally, PLG would do what it takes to meets and exceed our goals. Month over month, year over year, they met aggressive lead volume goals.

I would recommend PLG to any B2B company who needs a professional partner to represent them over the phone to a technical customer-base. And, I would work with PLG again should the opportunity present itself.”


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