Once upon a time….

Lead Generation was all about relationships.  It was person to person and who you knew was key.  Word of mouth and a good reputation were imperative.  This was a time when a solid handshake closed deals.


When the world grew en masse in the 1900s, large scale communication became popular.  Companies made their name in newspapers and over the airwaves.  The telephone was the latest invention and people began to spend more time cultivating relationships over the phone.  Now you didn’t have to see each other to have a conversation.  Tone of voice and enunciation became more crucial skill sets.

Then television happened…. People started their first bout of interacting with each other much less than they had previously.  Person to person relationships took a major hit, although phone conversations continued.  Lead generation started its move toward one-way relationships.

ENTER…. The Internet and mobile phones.

The world has never been the same since.  Lead generations campaigns because focused on email blasts, SEO, Pay per click, websites….All proactive means of bringing your customers to you.  Smartphones have broaden our reach and access to individuals directly.  The means of generating leads has continued to be reduced to talking AT your customers rather than speaking TO your customers. While the quantity of leads has increased, the quality of qualified leads has decreased.

Content became king.  In doing so, however, everyone started using the same lead generation model and competing for the same space.  Companies looking to grow now want a two-way dialogue … but a NEW KIND.  Businesses went back to the drawing board and reviewed interactive conversations to create the ultimate personalized customer experience.  

The customer holds the power now… and businesses want to engage with them and keep them talking.

Power Lead Generation contributes in making that conversation fresh and exciting again.