Ethan was a Marketing and Business Development Strategist working for The Sage Group Canada in 2006.  Sage is an internationally renowned brand who has built a business on helping small and medium-sized companies to automate their business processes and transactions.  Their origins are in accounting and payroll software, although they also offer a broad range of e-business solutions, CRM software, HR management solutions, and time recording and billing products.

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This software will help you manage stress as long as you don’t try to install it.

Ethan was looking to strengthen their reseller network and aid their current partners in improving their closure rate.  Many of the resellers did not have formal lead generation programs in place, and were struggling to find new business in a landscape overrun with software competition. Ethan felt that by making PLG the preferred vendor in lead generation, and offering their partners marketing co-op dollars for teleprospecting campaigns with us would improve the situation, and provide them access to a lead generation expert.

Power Lead Generation worked with the resellers tirelessly, while invoking the POWER Protocol™ methodology to elicit an essential need, authority, motivation, process, and likelihood that a sale would be forthcoming.  For calls that did not trigger an opportunity, PLG would still gather a multitude of market intelligence and became experts in complex software systems ranging from ERP to Labour Tracker and Service Manager.

Besides offering lead generation programs such as outbound prospecting and lead nurturing, PLG was also hired by the Sage Group to recruit partners.  PLG recruited hundreds of partners to join Sage’s preferred vendor rankings and Marketing Assistant Program across North America.  PLG ultimately cleansed the database info, created new business and brand awareness, updated market intelligence, and created net new revenue for each reseller.


  • 25% increase in meetings passed to sales teams.
  •   All programs paid for themselves and reduced a long sales cycle significantly.
  • 38% of meetings/new pipeline converted to new business.

“We’ve found the perfect target market… people who feel guilty about hanging up on telephone lead generators.”

“It was a pleasure to work with PLG.

We took them on as a preferred vendor to help equip our many VARs with lead generation resources.  They successfully secured many opportunities for our company and they were instrumental in supplying us with a constant pipeline of new customers and partners.  Our alliance with PLG lasted over 6 years as we were already seeing a multitude of successes within the first three months of our relationship.  PLG gave us professionalism, expertise, accountability, market intelligence, and RESULTS.

I would recommend PLG without reservation…and have already done so several times in the past.”


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